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pinboke_planet. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr 《想い出作り??》‥わざわざ作らなくても‥何か心に残ったことが‥自然に《想い出》になるのですね。


twin Ricoh GX100で動きのある3D写真を撮る

3D-crosseye-Kids Soccer-(sb=280mm)-R0010392-2

3D-crosseye-Kids Soccer-corrected by The Wagman-Thanks!!-

Hi pinboke(e_fan)

I have made some adjustments on two of your crosseye views. They have been lightened, realigned in SPM Auto adjust and the window position has been changed. On the soccer file, I replaced the ball so the rotation of the design on the ball is the same.

I hope you like them.

Ray.---He is a Canadian,my teacher of the 3D photography

anaglyph large size is here;


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