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Fotografia 3D by Fructu Navarro スペイン語初の3D BOOK


3D Book--interested in your participation

Hello pinboke_planet,

I am an assistant to a Spanish photographer & 
writer, Mr. Fructuoso Navarro Ros, who is 
finishing up a book on 3D, in Spanish. He is 
featuring 6-8 international 3D anaglyph 
The book will be published by a European 
publisher in Spanish for a growing market in 
Spain and throughout the Latin American market. 
This could bring you some new recognition, 
maybe some business and a new opportunities. 
We would give your recognition with your name, 
contact information, website, email, blog, and/or 
other means of contact, plus a short biography 
about yourself, headshot and other information 
you may wish to include about 3D. This could 
drive traffic to your blog as well.

We would ask for up to 10 anaglyph photos of 
your choice along with permission to print them in 
Mr. Navarro's 3D book, the title has not yet been 

So far we have participants from the US, New 
Zealand, Germany & Iran, some from flickr.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Genevieve Pinto
Asst. to Mr. Fructuoso Navarro Ros
904 236 4960 USA
+34 868 065606 SPAIN

I told your request to Mr.Koji Nakaya (Nakayan is his nickname).
 He granted the permission pleasantly.
 He has said that he may remake jpeg of 3-4 MB anew.
 Please contact me, if the photos which you wish to have are known.

Thank you 

Yasutaka Sakata

*about Mr. Koji Nakaya (he is not a professional photographer)

webmaster : Koji Nakaya 管理人:中谷 幸司
e-mail メール:webmaster@blue-style.com
website HP :http://www.blue-style.com/
blogs ブログ:http://bluestyle.livedoor.biz/
new book : 社会評論社より「超高層ビビル3 ドバイ編」発売中!


Genevieve Pinto

Re: 3D Book--interested in your participation

Mr. Sakata,
Thank you very much for your quick response!

Mr. Nakaya may choose 10 anaglyph photos that he thinks would represent him well, though a variety would be best. Does he have other 3D work than what is on flickr? If he does, he can include some of those 3D photos in the 10 anaglyph photos that he chooses. 

We will need jpg files and a short biography. Is it possible for him to write to us directly to give Mr. Fructuoso Navarro Ros his permission to print his photos in Mr. Navarro's book. A small photo of Mr. Nakaya would be nice too, but not required.

Thank you for the links and contact information. Mr. Nakaya may either email the photos to gen@fructu.com or we can provide FTP information for him. 

If you or he would like to reach me directly, my email is gen@fructu.com. My phone number in the USA is 904 236 4960. Mr. Navarro is in Spain and travels back and forth between the US and Spain very often.

Thank you so much for your help and time and effort!!!!!
Genevieve Pinto
Assistant to Fructuoso Navarro Ros